Influencer Marketing,
we'll do it for you.

Whether you're a brand, an e-commerce, or a startup, we can help you
create the best influencer marketing campaigns.

Why Flutch?



Think of your dedicated campaign manager as an extension of your in-house team.



Your time is valuable. Never sacrifice speed for quality of content again.



Have full access into our platform to approve influencers, review content, and track campaigns.

Drive ROI with strategic Influencer marketing

We will help you:

Create an influencer program to drive impressions, engagement, conversions

Develop campaigns tailored to your brand needs

Partner with Influencers who the perfect audience for your brand.

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Influencer campaign strategy

Launch Campaigns with flawless execution

Our experienced team will:

Identify, vet, and collaborate with top social media influencers

Negotiate influencer contracts and fees so you don’t have to

Leverage our established relationships with Influencers in all categories

Share daily reporting and insights to optimize ongoing campaigns

Infuencer campaign execution

We do it all

We carry out a wide variety of campaigns taking into account the specific needs of each brand.

Support new product launches
Promote your events
Create authentic product reviews
Amplify your content
Expand brand awareness
Grow website traffic
Increase online sales
Boost app downloads
Find brand ambassadors
Encourage appointment bookings

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