Connecting Brands with Influencers

Find the perfect content creators for your influencer
marketing campaigns

Why Influencer Marketing?



94% of the consumers trust influencer recommendations


Unparalled ROI

$6 ROI on every $1 spent on 
influencer marketing


Consumers hate ads

76% of people who engage on social media use ad blockers

How it works

Getting started is simple

1. Create a campaign for free

Select the platforms (Instagram, Youtube, Tiktok) you want to promote your brand on, type of content, set your budget, choose the influencer niche you would like to work with, guidelines you want them to follow.

2. Receive proposals from Influencers

Influencers will apply to participate in the campaign by sharing sample work, content delivery time and their fee.

3. Shortlist and chat with Influencers

Every proposal includes their sample work , profile which has metrics such as engagement, quality score, previous collaborations. You can also connect via chat to hire the right influencers for your brand.

4. Hire and receive content

Once the influencers are hired, they will send you the content. After your approval, content will be published on their social media account.

Influencers are ready to send you proposals. Start a campaign today for free!

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